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Native of Yucatan. Passionate about painting since he was nine years old when he began with drawings and murals on schools, churches and parks.

At the age of eighteen he started to work as a visual artist, working with different types of paint over various textures, using his fingers as brushes, scrapers and spray.

In Playacar Plaza he came across the first chance to show his work, from there he went to various expositions in hotels all around Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Tabasco. His most prestiged painting "Rebirth (Renacimiento)" Winner of #EscrivivePlaya's book cover Grupo Editorial del Caribe edition (GRECA).


His participation in "La casa de la cultura" in Playa del Carmen gave him the chance to meet a new, deeper and pure facet of art being in contact during his involvement in lessons for children on different parks and activities for his municipality, Solidaridad.


Currently active performing on events such as Mexicool and K'iwik as a local Mayan artist.


Accomplishing all his works from home close to his family, his greatest inspiration and source of strength to continue  his work of imagination that in his own words is: “Art is born from imagination, cultivated from the heart and grown and cared from with the talent of your hands".

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