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E. Cortes

Touring the streets of Playa del Carmen, in a VW sedan, better known as a vochito, begins the collection of material; discarded objects, boards, furniture such as beds, chairs, tables, plywood, and all kinds of pieces of wood thrown away by others.  For her, these wastes signify the beginning of a transformation and dignity, of what at some point was the body of a living tree.

The next step is to recycle these objects to transform them into pieces of Art, in this part of the process, the wood is cleaned, from all the dirt, mud and imperfections and then proceed to cut pieces, "parts of a puzzle that is going to be formed" These already cut pieces are sanded until the desired effect is achieved, sometimes the imperfections are what give rise to the character that will reach this plane, through her hands and senses.

Some boards form into structures and others stay that way. The wood speaks, the characters are there, you just have to observe well and discover, the bodies, the faces, the looks, the personalities, the innocence..  Then with the help of the painter's hands, brushes and color, they appear, take life, and come to this existence.

This process, repeated hundreds of times, has given rise to the plastic work of the artist currently based in Playa del Carmen, Mexican by birth and by heart, she continues with her work of creation day by day.
Her work is exhibited and sold in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, she has participated in collective and individual exhibitions throughout her self-taught career that began approximately in mid-2004.
She dedicates much of her time to the unlimited production of original Mexican art.
Her works are found all over the world. Places like Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, USA, and of course Mexico, among other countries beyond the author's knowledge.

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