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She began working with art in 1993. The Argentine artist has already produced paintings, drawings, photographs, installations, performing arts and land art.

Lau Recci tells us about the importance that art has to her.

“Making art is a way of life for me. I feel complete in every act or artistic production that I produce or that I am part of the production. “

Among the artists who influence her are Marcel Duchamp, for his way of seeing art, Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky and Tarsila do Amaral for their forms and colors, Frida Khalo, for her struggle, her passion, her dramatic paintings and her life history, among others more.

The artist uses social and politics events as an incentive to her production, or even things that impacted her emotionally, as daily situations. Her works involve a concept that seeks to bring people to discussion. The artist seeks to generate questions in the audience, to question what they mean and understand about art.

Below you can read the artist’s statement about her work:

“Faced with a circumstance that affects me emotionally, it urges inside me an imperious need to express myself artistically; to make something, to produce and  translate in any format, what sprouts from my inner side. At first, as far as drawing is concerned, I use different formats and / or supports, perhaps twenty, thirty, which I need, in any case, scribble in a somewhat impulsive way, until I can calm my anxiety in that act. Once that moment is over, I look at them, choose and select one by one, and begin to work in each of them in detail, to fill them with colors and textures, which surprise me as I go on. I never know where my productions will end, as I allow free will to my sensitive imagination. 

I often choose materials such as brushes, crayons, paints, fibers, glues, etc .; and other objects and materials choose me, at the right moment, where my desire to produce is expectant. Daily elements inspire my actions, such as a glass, a napkin, a hanger, a spoon, a fork, etc. I really like to submit my work in an install format; to work with a concept. Ideas come from my guts and triggers so that my creative process begins to take shape. Those triggers can be very varied; ranging from subjects related to social, economic and / or political critique; as well as a result of walking the streets with an “attentive” look to capture sensations; watching supermarkets “struggling with prices”; talking with other artists; and / or participating in games and snacks with children, which with their occurrences, make me see the world differently.

I tell my ideas to those I trust, and I give suggestions and / or proposals, regarding the assembly, foundation, convocation, invitations and others, until I can finish my work and be able to exhibit it. It fascinates me that in my exhibitions the playful is the main proposal to interact with the public.

I love feeling that I live in art; work for a broad and constant “aesthetic look”; I want to spread enthusiasm for what I do; I like to imagine that I color everything I touch; and it is good for me to have the conviction that nothing changes the creative universe in which I exist. “

With a creative, playful and philosophical work, Recci brings an art full of colors, forms and traits, which translate into expressions, games that make the viewer question and interact with the work. Through her artistic production, she is able to make an impact on her viewers and allow each of them to interpret her art in a unique way

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